Blog Post - 40 Interesting Debate Topics: Social, Culture and Beyond

40 Interesting Debate Topics: Social, Culture and Beyond

Debates requires all the necessary ingredients for it to be conducted smoothly. For instance, one needs to choose a topic that is interesting.

When conducting a debate, there are several questions that ones needs to ask himself or herself. For instance, what interests you? What do you consider as fun when debating among many other questions? Besides, one needs to consider his or her audience. For instance, what are some of the topics you think your audience would enjoy debating about and other many considerations. The following are some of the debating topics that may help to suit any of your debating needs.

High School Debating Topics That Are Interesting

We simply remember the debating clubs in high school where many of us used to participate. it is fact that students in high school are at the stage where they are able to grasp and comprehend various concepts such as he social and political concepts. Therefore, these are the topics you can introduce them to

  1. Justification of the animal testing
  2. Why laptops should be allowed in classrooms
  3. Is death penalty legal or illegal
  4. Why the effects of global warming is an issue in the modern world
  5. The impact of the American war against terrorism activities
  6. Effects of the school detention
  7. Justification of drug testing among the athletes
  8. Impact of the life imprisonments of the adolescents without the parole
  9. Whether animal cloning can be considered ethical or not
  10. The effectiveness of the single sex schools as compared to co-ed schools
  11. Is it appropriate for schools to provide day care services to students’ mothers?
  12. Impacts of the school uniforms
  13. Effects of censoring some parts of the media
  14. Should human beings be blamed for the extinction of some of the wild animals
  15. Do television help in the process of mind building among the children
  16. The effects of social networks and other networking sites in the society
  17. The effectiveness of the grading systems in high schools
  18. The justification of the euthanasia
  19. Is it appropriate to use cellphones in class or not?
  20. Whether video gaming is appropriate for children or not

College and Beyond Debate Topics That Are Interesting

When most people get to college, they have already developed and normally tend to have ideas that are pretty good concerning how the world works. Besides, they tend to hold on beliefs and other set standards that are purely based on what they consider to be moral or immoral. The following are some of the selected topics that students in colleges can debate and beyond;

  1. Why eating meat is considered as unethical
  2. Why they feel that homework should be banned in schools
  3. Whey fried foods should be issued with a warning on it
  4. Whether social networking sites are appropriate or they are meant to stalk people
  5. When torturing should be justified especially when used for national security
  6. Whey the banning of cell phones in school is effective
  7. Why gaming videos that are violent should be banned
  8. Why the banning of animal dissections in schools is more appropriate
  9. The effects of plastic bags on the environment and why they should be banned
  10. Whether human beings have become more dependent on computers or not
  11. Whether gay marriages should be declared legal or illegal
  12. Why the co-education should be considered as a good idea
  13. whether animal cloning is justified and why it should be permitted
  14. the effects of bullying in schools and how it can be stopped
  15. why it is appropriate for schools to start conducting drug testing that are mandatory on their students
  16. why the security cameras should be considered as an invasion of the human privacy
  17. why we consider our society has been destroyed by the nuclear energy
  18. why an age should be considered as a factor when two people of the opposite sex enter into an intimate relationship
  19. whether the juvenile should be tried before the court of law and given the same treatment as adults
  20. whether competition in a business is effective or not.


Therefore, when choosing a topic to debate about one should consider his or her audience whether are going to have something to contribute against your position. This calls for one to choose one of the debating topics that is more interesting. As you begin your debate always ensure that your facts and points are always convincing. Give a vivid explanation of your points and give the core reasons as to why you feel the way you do rather than churning out your points. Besides, be courageous enough and confidence to put your point across to your audience.

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