Blog Post - How to Write a Precis with Examples?

College life is full of fun until the bubble of happiness bursts due to loads of assignments and modern students need to cope up with. Some students keep strict dedication towards the learning process and others are more focused to have free time for fun. However, there is nothing wrong to enjoy your college life; but on the other hand, you can’t miss your submission date because this way you can’t get your degree.

When it comes to submission, precis writing is the most challenging task that a student has to come across. You may not aware of precis writing and that’s why I have taken help from professional assignment writers to gather the valuable information ion tot for you, here is a guide on how to write precise writing.

What is precis?

When a student completes academic paper the question “what is a precis?” pops in the mind of a student. However, it is a summary that gets its name from the French language and means “cut brief” or ‘precise”. It is a clear and concise summary of published work, like a dissertation or scholarly article. If a student is asked to define precis, they remember it as a summary of text which is not paraphrased text. When a student briefly explains the ideas in a literary work, it is called precis. Keep in mind that it is a lot different from paraphrasing because there is no need for mentioning all details discussed in a piece of writing.

How to start writing a precis?

The steps of writing a precis can be considered as those carefully examinations of the source, outlining a structure and writing down the precis itself. Precis writing is a process of reading and analyzing a literary work and extracting the core points so as to gather it as a brief summary of the stated work.

Precis writing is not that easy as you think. You have to keep basic points into your mind before you begin to write it down. Here are some tips for you to write precis. Let’s have a look at them.

•        Read the article carefully and highlights the points which you think are the core ideas.

•        Try to through light on what the author is trying to communicate through the text.

•        Take a close look at the evidence that the author has used.

•        You need to reword the thesis given by the author in your own words. Make sure it should be clear and concise.

•        You just need to write one or two sentences for each part of the essay. In other words, it is a summary of each section and it doesn’t contain too many words.

•        You need to re-read the article and have to check the article whether it is in sync with your summary.

•        You must review the write-up and confirm whether you have covered the main points or not. Use logical structure every time.

•        Check your text in terms of correctness and clarity. Do check grammar before submitting it to the professor.

The features of a great precise

Let’s check out what are features of precis

•        The text should have clarity and precision.

•        Students should not revitalize the sentences from the original text. It is compulsory to use your own words.

•        A precis need to be concise which means to convey important information instead of secondary information. Also, the key points should be listed in their entirety and covering the materials as briefly as possible. 

•        It is a synopsis of the text, not a paraphrased version of the text.

•        Your writing should be in a logical order. It should be well-connected.

•        Your precis must have a title.

•        It should not contain any irrelevant details.

•        Avoid taking information from outside the article.

Wrapping up

Above was an initial understanding of how to start writing a precis. It is easy to talk about precis that it is easy but once you sit down and begin to write, you will fall short of words. It is to create a personal opinion and statements but precis is complex you need a patient's mind while writing it. Make sure you read the text deeply before summing up the article. This will help you to collect the ideas and frame them in a smart precis.

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